White 858

Price: $20000
DNAS #: 264889
  • Automatic

  • Triple Ought

  • Bob

Very similar pedigree to our breeder buck Home Grown. One of my favorite doe fawns born on the ranch in 2018. Every ranch has their own super doe, and ours is Orange 412. In my opinion, she's the best anchor doe you could ever have for throwing wide and pretty. She is the anchor to Guapo, Sol, Wideout, and several other breeders. Automatic and Triple Ought on top of 412 is as good as I know how to breed them.

      Gladiator II
    A 203
    Max Dream
    White 188
    Blue 990
White 858    
264889     Gladiator
    Triple Ought
    Blue 28
  Green 518  
    Orange 412
    R 852


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